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It’s a good thing that Lamborghini Didn’t Make this Commercial

Fake Lamborghini Ad

Or air it during the Super Bowl!

We saw some pretty funny and exciting attempts by automakers to capture the hearts, minds, and funny bones of consumers across the country. But, I can only imagine the repercussions if Lamborghini had made this commercial and if it actually aired during the Super Bowl.

Fake Lamborghini Ad

Called ‘The Wise Man’ and made by Tyler Fabrio, the commercial stars a father who is trying to deal with his son’s terminal illness. A friend refers him to a mysterious wise man who will grant him one wish.

The commercial then takes a very, very dark turn where the father is putting his son’s toy car on his grave. The saddened father gets into his car and starts it up, bringing a smile to his face – because it’s a Lamborghini Gallardo.

He speeds away, happy because his dream came true with his Lamborghini.


Source: Tyler Fabrio YouTube

What did you think of this fake Lamborghini Commercial?


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