The McLaren 650S is so Good, it’ll make your Mom Sick!

MOM Reaction

That’s always a sign that you bought the right car.

There’s a lot of things that make a car great, and getting your mother’s stamp of approval is a pretty good thing to get, especially if you’re driving a McLaren 650S Spider like our friend, ‘the.leviathan’.

Mom Image 2

After taking his father for a spirited drive, the.leviathan decided to give his mother the same fun experience to see her reaction.

In his previous super car, the “Lamborghini Mustang” the the.leviathan’s mother had gone for a few rides, but criticized it as being oo low for her liking. The new McLaren 650S Spider, however, got her big stamp of approval, even after some pretty hard acceleration and frightful reactions.

While she did love the new McLaren 650S, she did end up getting sick after the ride and throwing up.

Source: the.leviathan

Do you think that your Mom would get sick riding in a McLaren 650S Spider at speed?


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