Guy buys Girlfriend a Corvette; Get’s Really Enthusiastic Reaction


Don’t be too happy now.

You’re a pretty wealthy, young guy and you want to surprise your girlfriend with a big gift. What do you do? Well, you could get her a new C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. That would really surprise her and put a big smile on her face, right? Maybe.

One guy in Texas decided to do something very, very nice for his girlfriend and surprise her at work with a brand new 2014 Corvette Stingray that he had been in the process of buying for a few months. He took the new car to her workplace parking lot to surprise her and was met with a lack of real excitement as if he just bought her a 1994 Kia Sephia.

The overly excited girlfriend got behind the wheel and went for a real spirited drive in her new black-on-black Corvette with the Z51 performance package without a seatbelt that ended in a somewhat confused and overwhelmed (not in a good, excited way) look.

The guy who just dropped a pretty penny on the car got a hug and quick kiss as a thank you before she went back to work. Maybe she was just a bit overwhelmed at the situation, but you’d think there’d be a little bit more excitement. Just imagine what kind of ownership mess this would create if they broke up (paging Judge Judy).

If we just received a Corvette Stingray from our significant other, you’d see a big “Thank You” of burned rubber in the parking lot.

Source: Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors YouTube

Do you think the girlfriend should’ve showed a little bit more appreciation and enthusiasm when getting the car?


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