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The new Vorsteiner 991 V-GT Edition Carrera is Clean and Mean

Vorsteiner 991 V-GT Edition Carrera

Carbon fiber fun for the 991.

The new, seventh-generation 991 Porsche 911 took the next evolutionary step for a sports car that has been the benchmark for performance for 50 years. The newest 911 Carrera has improved in virtually every facet from the driver’s seat to the rear-mounted flat-six engine, putting it at the top of the sports car food chain.

The new 991 didn’t dramatically change the classic 911 design that the automotive world has come to love. The car has the same shape but with a sleeker profile, wider track, and modern styling that is understated compared to other sports cars. Vorsteiner was able to keep that understated look of the 991-generation 911 while adding even more sport in their new 991 V-GT Edition Carrera carbon fiber body kit.

Vorsteiner 991 V-GT Edition Carrera

The Vorsteiner 991 V-GT Edition Carrera features a simple four-piece aerodynamically-optimized body kit that complements the factory design and is made entirely of autoclaved pre-preg carbon fiber to ensure a low overall weight and high strength construction.

Things start out up front with a new V-GT spoiler that reduces downforce and uses an integrated center front splitter to add a more dynamic appearance to the fascia. The upgrade uses the factory clips and mounting holes lending to an easy installation. Smoothing out the airflow along each side of the 911 is a pair of new side skirts. The skirts were designed to conform to the curvy rear fenders and visually lower the ride height of the sports car.

Vorsteiner 991 V-GT Edition Carrera

The big butt of the Porsche 911 is even more fit thanks to a pair of Vorsteiner 991 V-GT Edition Carrera components. The sleek rear taillights are connected by a subtle carbon fiber decklid spoiler that generates a bit of downforce at high speeds. Beneath it sits a V-GT diffuser that counterbalances the front spoiler to ensure better high speed stability.

All of the Vorsteiner 991 V-GT Edition Carrera components are currently available as an entire package or individual options and can be combined with a wide range of forged wheels. The rear spoiler and diffuser are available in an optional carbon fiber honeycomb matrix finish while the front spoiler and side skirts can be installed in either dry vacuum woven plastic or carbon fiber honeycomb matrix.

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Source: Vorsteiner

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