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Help Create the Ultimate Defender with Afzal Kahn!

#UltimateDefender Sketch

Paying homage to the legendary British off-roader.

After decades of ruling over rough terrain, the Land Rover Defender’s run is coming to an end. The news is unfortunate to enthusiasts around the globe that have used the British SUV to conquer landscapes once thought to be impassable by a motor vehicle.

To pay tribute to the iconic vehicle, Afzal Kahn has been commissioned by the London Motor Show to create a one-off bespoke version of the Land Rover Defender.

Called the Ultimate Defender, the new vehicle will feature a variety of visual elements that give the classic design a more contemporary feel while recalling the long and storied history of the SUV.

“I have designed a vehicle that celebrates the history and unique personality of the Defender,” said Afzal Kahn. “My designs are known for their attention to detail, so I didn’t want this Defender to be any different. This is a fitting tribute to one of the world’s best loved vehicles and I would welcome feedback from Defender owners and enthusiasts alike who are welcome to visit my Kings Road boutique in Chelsea.”

The new Ultimate Defender is a celebration of the world-renowned Land Rover model and Kahn is opening up to collaborations from the public on its creation. Owners and enthusiasts of the Land Rover Defender are welcome to submit entries on ideas for any additional features that would complement the one-off vehicle via social media using the hashtag “#UltimateDefender”.

Fans that are lucky enough to have their submissions chosen and used will be invited to see the Ultimate Defender when the vehicle is officially unveiled and offered for sale at the 2016 London Motor Show from May 5th to 8th.

Be sure to get your ideas and submissions ready, and use the hashtag “#UltimateDefender” for your chance to win!

Source: A Kahn Design

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