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It’s time for a Mustang and Murciélago #BATTLEDRIFT!


Light up those rear wheels!

Get ready, because it’s time for a battle between American and Italian muscle that’s been modified to the extreme. In one corner, there’s Vaughn Gittin Jr. with his 550 horsepower monster Energy Mustang RTR. In the other corner is Diago Saito’s 650 horsepower drift Lamborghini Murciélago that’s been converted to rear-wheel drive and fitted with all sorts of Liberty Walk and Fat Five Racing upgrades.


The two drift superstars headed to Niigata, Japan in the abandoned Niigata Russian Village for a war of burnt rubber. The desolate, deserted village was open and free for a drift battle of epic proportions.

Source: Monster Energy Youtube

Would you want to drift the Mustang RTR or RWD Lamborghini Murciélago?


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