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Here’s 2017 in 47-Minutes of Beautiful Exhaust Notes

2017 Best Exhaust Sounds Compilation

Engine sounds and burning tires.

It’s that time of year again, when all the YouTube videographers cut and paste all of their best footage together in a lengthy video recapping their year. Some of them are boring, while others can be pretty entertaining to watch, especially when they involve loud exhausts.

2017 Best Exhaust Sounds Compilation

YouTube videographer, CvdZijden, compiled some of the best-sounding exhausts from all kinds of cars, super cars, sports cars, and exotics from around the globe. There’s a 785-HP PP Performance BMW M5, 1,750-HP Nissan GT-R by Brill Steel, some Ferrari FXX-Ks, a 1,000-HP twin-turbocharged Lamborghini Huracan, and many more making wonderful noises and shredding their tires.

There’s 47-minutes of high-powered engines and flame-spitting fun. So sit back and enjoy the best parts of 2017 before the New Year rolls around!

Source: cvdzijden – Supercar Videos YouTube

What car had your favorite exhaust note in this 47-minute video compilation?


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