Hey! There’s a Lexus IS in your Pool!

Lexus Pool

How do you explain that one?

For Sale: Lexus IS. Just washed and detailed inside and out. Slight water damage, but just needs to be dried and it’s good to go! The car has a new rear bumper and can be submersed in water with no problem. The car has a Salvage Title, but it runs like a top since repairs. Price: $15,000, firm. No low-ballers please. DEAL OF THE CENTURY!

Lexus Pool

Imagine getting a phone call at work from somebody telling you that there is now a Lexus in your backyard pool. Well, that’s just what happened to one member’s co-worker on The Car Lounge forum. According to user Kar98:

“He came to work, got a call, had to bail, came back shaking his head.”

Not much more on the back story, but it should be quite an entertaining tale; probably better than that Project X party movie about some epic party.

Lexus Pool

We have a few questions ourselves:
-How does this happen?
-How did the car get there, especially facing the way it is without driving through the house?
-How did the driver escape?
-Was there even a driver?

Lexus Pool

Have some fun with this and make up your own story as to how it got there!

Lexus Pool

[Source: VWVortex – The Car Lounge, Imgur]

What would you do if you found a Lexus IS in your pool? Leave a comment and let us know!


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