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A Kahn Design introduces the new RS300 Cosworth

Cosworth RS300

A British Powerhouse.

Cosworth is one of those names in the automotive world that evokes images of performance and power. Well, A Kahn Design has been working with the British performance company for quite some time and their latest collaboration, the RS300 Cosworth, is a stunning example of the brilliant products that the two companies are capable of creating.

The new Cosworth RS300 wears a new styling kit manufactured from PUR-RIM/carbon composite for its high-strength properties, created by A Kahn Design. The new kit gives the Land Rover a more dynamic appearance and emphasizes its new road-worthy performance and elongated silhouette. The styling kit includes an RS-style front grille and mesh set, fixed side steps, a lower bootlid spoiler, Kahn privacy tinted glass, and a Cosworth enamel tailgate logo. As an option, customers can choose to showcase their Cosworth engine tuning with hood and tailgate branding.

Underneath the hood of the SUV is a Cosworth-tuned engine that spits out inspiring performance. The engine underwent a few modifications to the ECU and supercharger to result in an impressive output of 350 brake horsepower. The Cosworth RS300 was then given a new carbon fiber engine cover along with a numbered conversion plaque signed by Bruce Wood, the Technical Director at Cosworth.

Cosworth RS300

The intelligent all-wheel drive system in the Cosworth RS300 sends all of that power to the new set of Kahn Cosworth RS wheels. The new set of wheels was installed in a 9.5 x 22-inch front setup and a 10.5 x 22-inch concave rear setup to emphasize the muscular prowess hidden beneath the hood. The Kahn Cosworth RS wheels can be outfitted with a wide range of custom colors and finishes to match or contrast the exterior design of the SUV.

The interior of the Cosworth RS300 features all the goodies that we’ve come to enjoy from A Kahn Design, but with a bit of Cosworth flash. A special set of Cosworth gauges, time clock, machined aluminum foot pedals, and stainless steel door entry sill plates create an exciting interior atmosphere. An RS center arm rest with black perforated leather and white stitching matches the rest of the interior color scheme, but customers can custom-tailor their cockpit to suit their tastes.

The new Land Rover Cosworth RS300 by A Kahn Design is currently available from the British design company. A Kahn Design allows for customers to create their own individual SUV with the new Cosworth tuning program.

Cosworth RS300 Land Rover Specifications

Maximum Horsepower: 350 BHP
-Supercharger upgrades
-ECU tune
-Carbon fiber engine cover with signed Cosworth plaque

Type: Kahn Cosworth RS
Front Wheels: 9.5 x 22
Rear Wheels: 10.5 x 22 (concave)

-Lower bootlid spoiler
-RS front grille with mesh
-Optional Cosworth hood and tailgate branding
-Fixed side steps
-Kahn Privacy glass
-Cosworth enamel tailgate logo

-Cosworth speedometer and tachometer
-Cosworth time clock
-Cosworth vented machined aluminum foot pedals
-Cosworth door entry sills in stainless steel
-Kahn RS arm rest in perforated black leather with white stitching
-Black leather interior with white stitching

Cosworth RS300 Land Rover Gallery

[Source: A Kahn Design]

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