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‘How to be a BMW Driver’ is Absolute Gold!

BMW Driver School

Learn how to become the best BMW driver that you can be!

We all know of the douchebag BMW driver stereotype. We’ve all run into one of them at least once and shook our heads in amazement at their complete arrogance. Granted, just like all automotive stereotypes, there’s a majority that are an exception to the rule, but there always seems to be at least one BMW dick on the road.

BMW Driver School

Car Throttle recently created a 15-minute video class teaching prospective BMW drivers how to become the best BMW driver they can possibly be. The lesson goes into everything from how to tailgate, how to speak, to how to properly hold the wheel with one hand so that you can flash, honk, and make offensive gestures with your free hand.

It’s pure, automotive comedy gold, Jerry.

Source: Car Throttle

How true is this stereotypical ‘How to be a BMW Driver’ video?


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