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IND Distribution Sends off their BMW X5 M

IND Distribution BMW X5 M

A display of balance.

BMW’s M-cars are perfect driving lessons in balance and performance. On the track, balance is important and that’s even the case with each vehicle’s design. The BMW X5 M might be a large, powerful high-performance SUV, but it’s not outrageous. IND Disribution kept with that character with their BMW X5 M upgrade program throughout the entire process and it’s resulted in a sensational machine.

IND Distribution BMW X5 M

There’s no question that the IND BMW X5 M is more aggressive, powerful, and charismatic on the road. But its upgrades are all refined, purposeful, and complementary of the high-performance SUV’s nature inside and out.

Visually, the IND BMW X5 M is bolder starting with the front fascia. Here, new RKP Carbon Fiber bumper insets and lip pair with the IND Black Chrome grilles for a more dominant presence. IND Black Chrome side grilles, trunk badge, painted front reflectors, and painted rear roundel add a darker touch. Performance can also be visually seen through the new RKP Carbon Fiber rear diffuser that integrates the Black Chrome exhaust tips.

IND Distribution BMW X5 M

To complete the visual transformation, IND Distribution gave the BMW X5 M a new set of Velos Designwerks D7 wheels. These complex, angular 10-spoke wheels add an eye-catching aesthetic and perfectly fill in the massive fenders of the SUV. Ensuring that handling is never a problem is a new KW Variant 3 coilover setup that lends a lower, more athletic stance.

Under the hood, the mighty twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 engine also got a boost. IND Distribution gave the BMW X5 M a full Eisenmann Black Series sport exhaust system and pair of Eisenmann downpipes to expel gasses more efficiently and with a meaner sound. A full ESS software tune pushes the power well past the factory 567 horsepower mark for better acceleration.

IND Distribution BMW X5 M

While the IND Distribution BMW X5 M is a source of pride for the company, this is the final iteration of the high-performance SUV before it’s sent off to its new home.

IND Distribution BMW X5 M Specifications

-ESS Software Tune
-Eisenmann Black Series sport exhaust with Black Chrome tailpipes
-Eisenmann downpipes

-RKP Carbon Fiber front lip
-RKP Carbon Fiber bumper inserts
-RKP Carbon Fiber rear diffuser
-IND Black Chrome front grilles
-IND Black Chrome side grilles
-IND Black Chrome trunk badge
-IND Gloss Black Painted rear roundel
-IND Painted front reflectors

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: Velos Designwerks D7
Suspension: KW Variant 3 coilovers

IND Distribution BMW X5 M Gallery

Source: IND Distribution

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