Just an Idiot Setting his BMW on fire with a Burnout


This was a great idea.

Sometimes, things can get a little boring in Poland. So, this guy decided to do a long burnout in his E36 BMW 3-Series.

The driver was clearly going for the “I don’t give a damn, I’m too cool” look as he roasted the rear tires while his friend captured the entire thing on video. Surprisingly, after all of that smoke and heat generated from the extended length of time those rear tires were spinning, some things began to start on fire.

What a shocker.

The driver and his friend raced to get a fire extinguisher and were able to put out the flames, but he’s going to need a massive amount of water to put out the flames coming his way via the internet from this video.

Source: Zdenek Blacha YouTube Channel

How big of an idiot is this BMW driver?


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