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Kaege Retro: Transforming Classic 911s into Modern Air-Cooled Beauties

Kaege Retro

The German version of Singer.

We’ve all seen what Singer Vehicle Design can do to classic Porsche 911s. They’ve grabbed headlines with their attention-to-detail, craftsmanship, and retro looks with a modern touch. But across the globe, Kaege Retro has been working their own magic on the classic air-cooled Porsche 911s for a number of years in the German countryside.

Kaege Retro

In their newest film, founder, Roger Kaege, drives the Kaege Retro 001 – a 1972 F-model Porsche 911 with updated 993-generation and modern day upgrades. The retro-styled Porsche features modern technology such as LED lights in a vintage shape along with a carbon fiber exterior and other parts. Many parts have been taken from the air-cooled 993 such as the 300-horsepower flat-six, making the 2,635-lb. sports car a nimble dream driver.

Kaege wanted to create a muscular vintage 911 with an athletic stance packed with custom-tailored design cues and other goodies. What he ended up with is a masterpiece of retro German driving artwork.

And this isn’t the only Kaege Retro car to be built. Numerous others have been created and are running through the streets as well, and thankfully many more will follow.

Source: Kaege

Would you like to get behind the wheel of a Kaege Retro Porsche 911?


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