Why you should keep your teenagers away from a BMW M3 – Video


Why sports cars aren’t always the best cars for young guys.

Seeing a young guy behind the wheel of any kind of sports car immediately invokes feelings of disapproval amongst most people, especially those that are from the school of thought that young people should not be behind the wheel of powerful cars until they can fully handle and comprehend the responsibilities of driving a car.

And when one of those kids gets behind the wheel and crashes it, everyone says “I told you so,” and gets some kind of gratification out of the situation.

Well, the team at were in the process of creating a scene for the upcoming movie “Mischief 8” in South Mountain Park, Phoenix, AZ, when the young gentleman behind the wheel lost control and hit some rocks in the E46 BMW M3. The car was a total loss, and luckily the kid was able to walk away without injuries. He did, however, get to experience the powdery chemical smell of a deployed airbag.

[Source: MischiefTelevision YouTube Channel]

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