Lamborghini Revs, Spits Flames, Starts Fire – Video


There’s always something on fire with these Italian supercars.

Lamborghini was celebrating its 50th Anniversary all over the world in 2013. Owners and enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the Raging Bull with cruises, meets, and car shows. One of them was organized in a parking lot in Dubai, and it ended a bit differently than what you’d expect.

We all know that Italian sports cars are a bit more flammable than other vehicles, but instead of burning itself to the ground, one Lamborghini set the bushes ablaze. The group of Lamborghinis and their V-12s and V-10s were just having a casual conversation and spitting flames in the process when one car’s flames became so intense that it set the bushes behind it on fire.

Now that’s something to brag about.

Source: YouTube Channel

Would you be proud of your car if your exhaust set some bushes on fire?


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