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The Light-Tron, Glow-in-the-Dark VW Golf VII by BlackBox-Richter

Light up the night.

The new Volkswagen Golf VII has just been released as of last year and it’s already won numerous awards. The team at BlackBox-Richter and Low-Car-Scene wanted to showcase the bright spot of the Volkswagen lineup and created the glow-in-the-dark “Light-Tron”.

The upgraded glow in the dark Golf VII came standard with a deep black pearl paint, but was wrapped in a new, special phosphor wrap made by 3M that covers the entire exterior including the mirrors and door handles. The wrap is white under normal lighting, but in the dark, glows green. All of the advertising banners were applied in signal red, and appears black in the darkness.

VW Golf VII Light Tron, Glow in the Dark Golf VII

But that wasn’t the only thing that was designed to glow on the street. The three-piece Rotiform forged wheels in an 8.0 x 20 ET45 with a 5 x 112 bolt pattern wear a signal red finish with contrasting phosphorous wrap on the inner- and outer-barrels to match the exterior. A special LED light was installed on the mud guard of each brake and can be illuminated in the dark. Bringing the wheels close to the body of the glow in the dark Golf VII is a new RideAir Version 3 air ride system installed by Low-Car-Scene.

VW Golf VII Light Tron, Glow in the Dark Golf VII

But the BlackBox-Richter team wasn’t done there. They took a new Golf VI R-Line bumper and modified it to fit the glow in the dark Golf VII while the grille and hoof was modified so that it provided a uniform look. The rear windshield wiper was also removed as part of the conversion for a clean look.

All of the upgrades for the Volkswagen Golf VII Light-Tron from BlackBox-Richter and Low-Car-Scene are currently available. The Rotiform forged wheels with custom finish are available for € 6,000 while the air ride system is priced at € 3,600.

Volkswagen Golf VII Light-Tron Specifications

Wheels and Suspension:
Type: Rotiform three-piece forged
Wheel Size: 8.0 x 20 ET45
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 112
Finish: Signal Red face with luminescent phosphorous inner- and outer-barrels
Other: LED lighting mounted to brake mud flaps
Suspension: RideAir Version 3

-3M phosphorous wrap, illuminates at night
-Signal Red advertisements
-Golf VI R-Line bumper modified to fit on Golf VII
-Badgeless front grille with modified bumper and hood and new struts
-Rear windshield wiper removal

Glow in the Dark Golf VII Gallery

[Source: BlackBox-Richter]

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