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Mahk Doesn’t Want you to ‘Switch to Chevy’!

Mahk Switch to Chevy Parody

He tries to answer the questions that we all have.

You’ve probably seen the ‘Logo Switch’ Chevrolet commercial before. It stars seemingly every day, almost-real people talking about how they switched from other automotive brands to Chevrolet. It’s a good idea, but the execution is terrible.

Mahk Switch to Chevy Parody

So, everyone’ favorite Chevrolet hater, Mahk, was on the case – even though his best friend, Ponch, was absent.

The NSFW-language parody shows a few of these “real people” that switched as well as Mahk’s buddy talking about how they switched and their experiences. Incredibly, his friend regretted it.

Thankfully, Mahk stuck with the Suzuki brand.

Next time you see one of those Chevrolet ‘Logo Switch’ ads, take some time to think about the story behind the switch.

Source: Zebra Corner

Do you believe some of the new Chevrolet ‘Logo Switch’ commercials like Mahk does?


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