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MEC Design CLS 500 W219

The special order from Sweden.

The Mercedes-Benz W219 CLS was the one that started the four-door coupe craze that has quickly taken off in the automotive industry. Even though Mercedes-Benz has introduced a new generation of the CLS, the first generation is still a head-turner. One customer from Sweden contacted MEC Design about a customized CLS 500, and this is what he received.

The MEC Design CLS is bold and sinister. The entire car has been cloaked in a matte black foil wrap as requested by the customer. A new MEC Design bodykit 2Face has also been installed to give the coupe more character. The kit consists of a front bumper with LED fog and daytime running lights, a rear bumper with carbon fiber “Extreme” diffuser, side skirts with integrated LEDs, a three-piece trunk spoiler, and a rear window spoiler. The front grille has also been upgraded with an MEC unit, the side mirrors were replaced with LED units, and the headlight backgrounds were painted black to match the color theme.

In the performance department, MEC Design has installed new suspension, exhaust, and wheel upgrades. The center of gravity can be lowered with the touch of a button thanks to the new MEC Design electronic lowering module. This lowers the car and helps emphasize the new one-piece mecxtremeIII wheels. Finished in matte black, these wheels measure 10.5 x 20 with a 4.5-inch lip both front and rear, and are fitted with 285/25 ZR 20 tires. If that doesn’t grab your attention, the new stainless steel four-pipe “earthquake” exhaust system will rumble and roar.

The car was presented to the Swedish customer and received overwhelming praise. MEC Design captured the unveiling on video, so check it out! (Warning NSFW language)

MEC Design CLS W219 Video


MEC Design CLS W219 Specifications

-MEC Design Bodykit 2Face (front bumper with LED fog + day lights, rear bumper with carbon fiber “Extreme” diffuser, side skirts with LED, 3 piece trunk lid spoiler, rear window spoiler).
-MEC Design wheels mecxtremeIII 1pc in Full Matt Black finish 10,5×20 (4,5 inch lip) tires 285/25 ZR 20 all around
-MEC Design Electronic Lowering System module, adjustable
-MEC Design 4 pipe stainless steel exhaust system, sound version Earthquake
-MEC Design carbon/ leather steering wheel
-MEC Design floor mats
-MEC Design 2010 Grill
-MEC Design 2010 Style LED mirror covers
-Lighting unit background finishing
-Full Matt Black Foil Wrap

MEC Design CLS W219 Gallery

[Source: MEC Design]

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