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MEC Design SLS AMG Tuning and Video

Berlin’s fallen angel.

MEC Design has officially released their new range of aerodynamic, wheel, suspension, and exhaust upgrades for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. To introduce the new range of accessories, MEC Design has produced a new video of the SLS AMG driving through the streets of Berlin, Germany, with the sound of thunder bellowing from its tailpipes.

Although the new SLS AMG already has a stunning road presence, MEC Design has turned it up a notch with a host of new aerodynamic accessories. The front bumper can be entirely replaced with a new MEC Design unit with mesh insert, or customers can order one- and two-piece front spoiler lips for a more aggressive appearance. Along each side larger side skirts can be fitted with optional LED entrance lighting. For the rear, MEC Design offers an entire new bumper, and/or three different diffuser styles ranging from the aggressive “GT3” to the subtle “Formula” design. Downforce can also be achieved with trunk and window spoilers, and for extra style points customers can order roof air scoops and carbon fiber side mirrors.

The exterior can also be outfitted with a new wheel set with sizes that range from 20 to 21 inches in diameter. The five double-spoke wheels range in width from 9.5J to 12.5J, and can be installed with 3.5 or 4.0 –inch outer lips. To accentuate the wheels, MEC Design can equip the wheels with an array of optional spacers. MEC Design also offers new springs, adjustable coilovers, or lift up coilovers to create the perfect stance.

Hear that growling exhaust in the video? It’s the new rear muffler and tailpipes from MEC Design. The muffler allows the 6.2-liter V-8 to produce a violent roar, and can be outfitted with new tailpipe designs depending on the type of rear diffuser fitted.

Inside MEC can furnish the SLS AMG with an assortment of carbon fiber trim. The steering wheel, paddle shifters, door entry guard, center console, and other components can all be replaced with the lightweight material. Customers can also finish their trunk and interior with new velour floor mats and alcantara.

The entire range of new SLS tuning accessories is currently available from MEC Design. Be sure to check the SLS video to see the latest MEC Design AMG in action!

MEC Design SLS Video


MEC Design SLS AMG Tuning Gallery

[Source: MEC Design]

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