The Mercedes-Benz SF1 Concept looks toward the Future

Mercedes-Benz SF1 Concept

A rendering of what the future may hold for the German automaker.

We love to speculate about what the future of automotive design may hold, and Steel Drake has created a unique concept that shows one direction that Mercedes-Benz could move towards, eventually. The new concept is called the Mercedes-Benz SF1 and is a brilliant vision of pure speculation that incorporates a great deal of current design aspects that are featured in the German automaker’s lineup.

There is some significance behind the “SF1” name for the concept. The “S” stands for sport; the “F” for the German word,”scharfsinn;”and the “1” refers to it being the first of its kind. The size of the Mercedes-Benz SF1 concept is smaller than that of the Lamborghini Aventador, making it one of the smaller super car models. The wheelbase is listed at 2,672 mm, the height at 1,209 mm, the width at 1,908, and the length at 4,557 mm.

Many of the sharp, angular design aspects that have been featured in the newest generation of Mercedes-Benz models are widely used throughout the SF1 concept. Dramatic, angled edges at the front hood and fenders help create a dynamic stance that emphasizes speed and power. LED lighting technology is used in the headlights and sits atop large air intakes. The rear features rectangular LED taillights and air outlets that visually move towards the center of the bumper, and integrate two exhaust pipes. All of the three-pointed star Mercedes-Benz logos have been altered by removing the outer ring, leaving just the star.

The Mercedes-Benz SF1 concept by Steel Drake is not affiliated with Mercedes-Benz and is a speculative rendering at what could be in store from the German automaker in the future. No word on what engine would power it, but with it being a future concept, it will likely be some sort of electric motor that can be recharged on methane gas and used coffee grounds. Or, since its German, stale beer.

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[Source: Behance]

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