Now your Mouse can do burnouts with the new Asus WX Lamborghini

Asus WX Lamborghini

Pedal-to-the-metal scrolling.

Automobiles are often looked at as pieces of artwork and admired for their design. Sometimes their designs can inspire other products, which is the case with the new ASUS WX Lamborghini mouse. The new ASUS mouse doesn’t just have the same styling, but it also possesses similar performance characteristics as the Italian super cars.

No, unfortunately there isn’t a V-12 sitting behind the scroll wheel (we already checked), but the ASUS WX Lamborghini mouse does have the same sharp-angled design that Lamborghini features in their super cars. The design is sleek and sporty; with the front featuring two trapezoidal “air intakes” just like a Gallardo or Murciélago, and even has two jagged edges along each side. Even the scroll wheel resembled a Lamborghini wheel, just begging you to do a burnout.

The ASUS WX Lamborghini laser mouse isn’t just all-show and no-go either. Users can customize the input speeds from 800 – 2500 dpi. ASUS has also designed the mouse with a wireless 10 meter range that operates at 2.4 Ghz to prevent any interference. The mouse provides the driver or “user”, with complete control, sharp handling dynamics, and unmatched performance.

The ASUS WX Lamborghini mouse is currently available in white or black, and will leave you humming V-12 engine sounds as you use your computer. Pricing has not been released. Unfortunately the ASUS WX Lamborghini mouse does not come standard with a super car either.

ASUS WX Lamborghini Mouse Specifications

Connectivity Technology Wireless
Wireless Technology: RF 2.4GHz
Tracking: Laser
OS Support: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Dimensions: 106.5*68*36 mm
Weight: 73g w/o battery
Color: Black,White
Resolution: 800/1200/1700/2500dpi
RF Distance: 10m

ASUS WX Lamborghini Mouse Gallery

[Source: ASUS and TechInStyle.TV]

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