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The new Prior Design 6 Series BMW F12/F13 PD6 Body Kit

Prior Design PD6 F12/F13 6 Series

Sleek and stunning aerodynamics.

Prior Design has unveiled their first upgrade package for the BMW 6 Series F12/F23. Called the PD6, the new upgrade kit is a slight upgrade in terms of components, but visually and aerodynamically transforms the grand touring coupe.

The new Prior Design 6 Series PD6 upgrade package is made from high-quality DURA-FLEX that is strong, yet flexible and has an excellent finish for painting. The PD6 features a front bumper with revised aerodynamics that helps to redirect air to the engine and brakes while improving downforce. Each side of the F12/F13 BMW 6 Series wears a pair of side skirts that visually lower the ride height and helps calm the airflow around the rear wheels. The finishing touch with the PD6 is the rear bumper with dual exhaust outlets that flank a small integrated diffuser with an aggressive look.

All of the Prior Design PD6 upgrades are available for the F12 and F13-generation BMW 6 Series models and come complete with mounting material and TÜV parts certificate. The front bumper is priced at € 1,190.00, the side skirts at € 790.00, and the rear bumper at € 980.00.

Prior Design PD6 F12/F13 6 Series Specifications

Kit Includes:
-Front bumper
-Side skirts
-Rear bumper
-Mounting material
-TÜV parts certificate

Prior Design PD6 F12/F13 6 Series Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

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