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The new Vorsteiner Lamborghini Gallardo Renazzo is all Razzle Dazzle

Vorsteiner Gallardo Renazzo

Who needs that new Huracán anyways?

It was sad seeing the Lamborghini Gallardo’s production finally come to an end after a total of 14,022 were produced. Now, the new Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 is here and ready to take over as the new Italian bull in the range, but the Gallardo isn’t going quietly thanks to Vorsteiner. The new Vorsteiner Gallardo Renazzo adds an even more aggressive fascia and new set of lightweight forged wheels that instantly make us forget about the new Huracán.

Vorsteiner Gallardo Renazzo

The Vorsteiner Gallardo Renazzo boasts a new front fascia replacement that complements the facelifted design of the supercar and adds in a touch of carbon fiber. The new fascia is constructed from a 2×2 pre-preg carbon fiber composite with floating dual aero fins that extend outwards. The fins and fascia have the same sharp, angular design as the factory body, making the addition look seamless. A special honey comb mesh grille sits inside the bumper and sucks in fresh air.

The new Gallardo Renazzo can also be optioned with a few aerodynamic add-ons. Vorsteiner offers a new 2×2 carbon fiber splitter that helps to generate downforce along with an optional set of dual optical 2×2 carbon fiber fins.

Vorsteiner Gallardo Renazzo

Featured on the new Vorsteiner Gallardo Renazzo is a new set of VSE-001 Special Edition forged wheels. The tailor-made, one-piece wheels can be installed with a wide range of finishes and 19- to 23-inch diameters with 8.5- to 12-inch widths.

The full Vorsteiner Gallardo Renazzo body work and optional wheel set is currently available for the facelifted Lamborghini Gallardo models.

Vorsteiner Gallardo Renazzo Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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