Now you can own the McLaren F1 Chassis No. 69!

No. 69 McLaren F1 for Sale

If you have a big enough bank account, that is.

There were only 64 road-going McLaren F1s built between 1993 and 1998, and now is your opportunity to own one of the final examples built from the McLaren Special Operations Heritage division. Chassis No. 69 is currently available from McLaren with only 2,800 miles and packed with all the factory equipment that you could hope for.

No. 69 McLaren F1 for Sale

The McLaren F1 was – and still is to this day – an automotive performance legend. It broke the record for fastest production road car with a 242.8 mph (390.7 km/h) top speed, which still makes it the fastest naturally-aspirated production car ever built, today. That impressive feat was a result of a no compromise approach with no expense spared or engineering enhancement left out. The latest Formula 1 technology was poured into the bespoke super car with its gold-lined engine bay housing the custom-tailored 6.1-liter V-12 engine producing 627 bhp. With so few being produced, it’s an ultra-rare automotive masterpiece.

No. 69 McLaren F1 for Sale

A total of six McLaren F1 models were built in 1998, and the No. 69 chassis was one of them – the 60th total, in fact at the facility in Woking, England. The pristine Carbon Black McLaren F1 has been maintained and serviced by McLaren and features stealth-finished 17-inch center-locking magnesium wheels, a center driving seat in black and red leather, and alcantara-clad passenger seats.

No. 69 McLaren F1 for Sale

Every accessory that came with the original No. 69 McLaren F1 is included in the sale along with UK registration and taxes. All of the books, literature, Facom tool box with titanium tools, and even the numbered ‘Driving Ambition’ LM Edition of the McLaren F1 book are included along with the original limited edition McLaren F1 owner’s watch. The No. 69 F1 will also come from McLaren Special Operations Heritage Division with fitted luggage as well.

No. 69 McLaren F1 for Sale

With only 2,800 miles and a pristine record plus full factory maintenance, the No. 69 chassis McLaren F1 will easily sell for a hefty price. If you’re interested in buying the car, you can inquire via email at

No. 69 McLaren F1 Gallery

Source: McLaren

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