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Porsche Shows the Beauty of a Perfect Pit Stop


Practice makes perfect.

Racing is a form of art in itself. It’s a beautiful cooperation between man and machine as the vehicle is controlled over an asphalt canvas with thousands of pieces working in harmony to turn speed into a masterpiece.

One of the more overlooked aspects of racing is the coordination and teamwork required to get a vehicle in and out of the pits as quickly and efficiently as possible. Races can be won or lost here, and having the right team working together like a well-oiled machine can be a huge advantage.

With Porsche returning to Le Mans in 2014 with their 919 Hybrid prototype racer, they’ve already begun practicing on their pit stops and their fluid speed is a thing to admire. It’s never too early to prepare, especially when every second counts.

Source: Porsche

Was this Porsche pit stop with the 919 Hybrid a thing of beauty?


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