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Prior Design attempts to make the Porsche Panamera attractive

But does it succeed?

One of, if not the most, controversial cars to come from Porsche is the Panamera. The first production four-door sedan has love-it-or-hate-it coupe-like styling coupled with otherworldly performance (for a sedan). Amongst the MotoringExposure fan base, it also seems to be the most hated. Well, Prior Design, one of the most well-liked aftermarket styling companies, has designed a new body kit for the Porsche Panamera, and we want to hear your thoughts on it!

The Prior Design Porsche Panamera body kit aims to please. It’s not over-the-top like the Mansory Porsche Panamera Turbo, but gives the sports sedan a more aggressive appearance. The most notable addition to the body is a front spoiler that improves downforce at the front axle. New front light covers and carbon bars for the front air intakes subtly change its face with a nip and a tuck. The transformation is finished off with a rear add-on spoiler for a bit of extra downforce.

The entire Prior Design Porsche Panamera kit can be ordered as a package or as separate units. Pricing for the kit and individual pieces have not been released by Prior Design.

Now, the question for all of our fans is: does it make the Porsche Panamera look good? For some, no amount of carbon fiber surgery can give the Panamera a pretty face, while a few simple touches are all that it’s missing for others. What say you?

Prior Design Panamera Specifications

Exterior Body Kit:
-Front add-on spoiler
-Rear add-on spoiler
-Front light covers
-Carbon bars (for front air intakes)

Prior Design Panamera Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

Does the Prior Design body kit make the Porsche Panamera look good? Leave a comment and let us know!


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