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Prior Design Gets Wide with the PD5X BMW X5 (E70)

Prior Design PD5X BMW X5

Big and brawny.

BMW’s X5 (E70) is the biggest SUV the German company offers. It may not have the same sporty athleticism as its smaller, more nimble siblings or their performance, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look powerful. Now owners of the BMW X5 E70-generation models have the option of adding some visual muscle thanks to the new PD5X Widebody for the X5 SUV.

The new Prior Design PD5X widebody aerodynamic kit for the E70-generation BMW X5 adds some aesthetic power and presence, even to the X5 M high-performance models. The entire kit is made from high-quality Dura-Flex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) with superb stability and stiffness. Each part was designed to meet OEM-quality requirements and can be installed without modifications.

Prior Design PD5X BMW X5

The new Prior Design PD5X BMW X5 commands attention on the road thanks to a new front bumper with larger air intakes and vertical slats along with a new spoiler lip. The bumper seamlessly flows into the extended front fenders while a ventilated hood helps cool the engine bay and creates the impression of speed. New side skirts visually lower the SUV and incorporates the extended rear fenders with integrated air outlets. The rear is then finished off with a new bumper and diffuser combo with protruding quad tailpipes, and a roof spoiler.

The dramatic upgrade in styling from Prior Design is currently available for all E70-generation BMW X5 models including the X5 M for those that want to add some visual power. The entire upgrade can be optionally installed at the Prior Design facilities and costs 8,990 Euros.

Prior Design PD5X BMW X5 Specifications

-PD5X Front Bumper with Spoiler Lip
-PD5X Side Skirts
-PD5X Rear Bumper with Diffuser
-PD5X Front Fenders
-PD5X Rear Widenings
-PD5X Bonnet
-Mounting material

Prior Design PD5X BMW X5 Gallery

Source: Prior Design

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