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Prior Design gives the new BMW F30 3-Series a New Look

Prior Design F30 BMW PD-M1

A refresh for the new redesign.

The newly redesigned BMW 3-Series (F30) has only been out for a short period of time and the team at Prior Design has already created a new aerodynamic body kit. The new F30 PD-M1 upgrade kit gives the new BMW 3-Series a more aggressive and dramatic appearance with durable and lightweight parts that fit any of the variants in the 3-Series family.

The new Prior Design F30 PD-M1 kit is made entirely of Dura-Flex material that provides both high strength and lightweight properties, for a high-quality, OEM construction. The kit was designed to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the BMW 3-Series by generating downforce and increasing cooling for the engine and other components while creating a more dynamic appearance.

Prior Design F30 BMW PD-M1

Things start out at the front of the 3-Series where the F30 PD-M1 bumper wears a new M-like design in the lower-half, utilizing new air intakes and integrated LED lights. Each side of the car wears new side skirts that visually lower the car for a more dynamic appearance. At the rear, Prior Design offers a new rear bumper that is lower than the factory unit and a new trunk-mounted spoiler that helps to generate extra downforce for better stability.

All of the components in the Prior Design BMW F30 PD-M1 aerodynamic package are available as an entire kit or as separate components, and fit all F30 BMW 3-Series models. Each part comes with mounting material and can be painted to match or contrast the color of the car.

Prior Design F30 BMW 3-Series PD-M1 Specifications

PD-M1 F30 BMW 3 Series:
-PDM-1 front bumper: 599.00 €
-PDM-1 rear bumper: 59900 €
-PDM-1 side skirts: 379.00 €
-PDM-1 rear trunk spoiler: 229.00 €
-Mounting material

Prior Design F30 BMW 3-Series PD-M1 Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

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