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Prior Design gives the F10 BMW 5 Series a Makeover

Brand new and silky smooth.

The new F10 BMW 5 Series moved past the days of the controversial “Bangle Butt” and features a new, sleek design. These characteristics are accentuated by the new Prior Design 5 Series body kit for the F10 sedan model.

The new Prior Design BMW aerodynamic kit is made of durable material with OEM quality fitment. The new body kit not only improves the overall look of the BMW 5 Series, but optimizes the sedans aerodynamic properties.

The F10 BMW 5 Series kit from Prior Design features a new front spoiler that can be mounted on the stock bumper and reduces lift at the front axle. Each side can be given more prominent side skirts that create the impression of a lower overall stance. At the rear, the Prior Design aerodynamic kit includes a new diffuser that helps to keep the rear axle planted to the asphalt.

The new Prior Design aerodynamic kit for the F10 BMW 5 Series improves the visual character of the German sedan. The entire kit comes with mounting material and fits all F10 models except the M5 and M-sport models. Pricing and availability have not been released.

Prior Design F10 BMW 5 Series Specifications

-Prior-Design PD front add-on spoiler (fits all BMW 5-Series F10 standard models except M5 and models with original M-Sport Package)
-Prior-Design PD side skirts (fits all BMW 5-Series F10 models)
-Prior-Design PD rear add-on spoiler (diffuser) (fits all BMW 5-Series F10 standard models except M5)
-Mounting material

Prior Design F10 BMW 5 Series Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

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