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Prior Design Shows off their Prior600 Panamera

Prior Design Prior600 Panamera

Adding some aesthetic sport to the polarizing four-door coupe.

Porsche’s Panamera has been an incredibly polarizing vehicle since it was first introduced. Whether it’s those criticizing the styling or the die-hards that believe a four-door Porsche is blasphemy, the car has garnered quite a bit of attention. Now the team at Prior Design is looking to make the car turn heads even more with their new Prior600 Panamera aerodynamic body kit.

The new Prior600 Porsche Panamera is constructed entirely from OEM-quality Dura-Flex FRP that boasts the perfect surface finish for painting and superb stability. The entire kit was designed to fit with the OEM mounting points, negating the need for any modifications during installation.

The sleek, four-door coupe shape of the Porsche Panamera gains a bit of testosterone with the new Prior600 body kit. Up front is a new bumper with larger air intakes that incorporate the factory LED daytime running lights and aid in downforce and cooling. A new, more aggressive hood helps keep things cool by dissipating heat more effectively with new vents. For those looking to add a bit of performance to their Prior600-equipped Panamera, a full carbon fiber hood can be installed.

Prior Design Prior600 Porsche Panamera

Flowing towards the rear of the Panamera is a new set of Prior600 side skirts that help redirect air away from the rear wheels. The rear features a new bumper that is brawnier than its stock counterpart and a new ducktail-style rear spoiler that adds some sporty heritage to the four-door coupe. The spoiler can also be made entirely from carbon fiber to shed even more weight.

The entire Prior Design Prior600 Porsche Panamera body kit fits all 970-generation models and can be shipped or installed at a dealer, and comes with all of the mounting material. It may not change the opinions of those that dislike the car, but it’ll grab their attention without question.

Prior Design Prior600 Panamera Specifications

Prior600 Kit:
Porsche Panamera PRIOR600 front bumper
Price | 3490.00 €
Porsche Panamera PRIOR600 rear bumper
Price | 2990.00 €
Porsche Panamera PRIOR600 side skirts
Price | 1990.00 €
Porsche Panamera PRIOR600 front bonnet
Price | 3990.00 €
Porsche Panamera PRIOR600 rear trunk spoiler
Price | 990.00 €

Porsche Panamera PRIOR600 full carbon front bonnet
Price | 4990.00 €
Porsche Panamera PRIOR600 full carbon rear trunk spoiler
Price | 4990.00 €

Prior Design Prior600 Panamera Gallery


Source: Prior Design

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