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Regula Exclusive goes Crazy with the Porsche Cayenne

Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne

Talk about in your face…

If you’ve ever wanted a Porsche Cayenne that could turn heads, Regula Exclusive has the body kit for you. Their newest widebody, customized kit transforms the Porsche Cayenne (958) into an in-your-face sports car with gaping air intakes, vents, spoilers, and extensions, everywhere.

The new Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne body kit is made from high-quality components that have a flexible construction and are designed to fit on the original mounting points to negate the need for additional modifications. A special gel coating is used to construct each part and helps to reduce the cost of painting while creating a smooth surface finish.

Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne instantly grabs attention with its new front fascia. Here, Regula Exclusive added on a new bumper with larger air intakes and an extended lower valence with integrated lip. Positioned in the middle of the large side air intakes are a set of horizontal LED daytime running lights and blinkers. Each side of the Porsche Cayenne features extended wheel arches with integrated vents that are connected by side skirts that visually lower the ride height of the SUV. At the rear sits a new extended roof spoiler above a new bumper with integrated exhaust outlets and integrated diffuser with fins to keep the rear axle planted on the asphalt.

Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne

The new body kit is visually impressive and imposing, but Regula Exclusive wasn’t finished with the Porsche Cayenne. The company installed a set of new five double-spoke wheels with a slight concave in a massive 11.0 x 23 setup with 15/25 Dunlop Supersport tires for that extra grip advantage.

If you’re looking for a flashy Porsche Cayenne, the new Regula Exclusive body kit is right up your alley. The body kit itself will set you back 8,900 Euros while the matching wheel and tire combination is priced at 3,998 Euros.

Regula Exclusive Porsche Cayenne Gallery

Source: Regula Exclusive

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