R.I.P. – A McLaren MP4-12C at Auto Club Speedway

wrecked MP4-12C

Where a McLaren meets concrete.

It’s awful to see a wrecked super car, no matter what it is. Well, that is, unless some idiot is driving it recklessly on public streets. But what happened on Sunday in California at Auto Club Speedway is just a tragedy.

At a SpeedVentures HPDE afternoon event at the racetrack, one McLaren MP4-12C ended up meeting a concrete wall. The McLaren was on the track with a Subaru BRZ and was attempting to make a pass coming up on Turn 9. The MP4-12C lost control and made contact with the BRZ, causing it to slide off of the track and into the concrete wall at high speed.

wrecked MP4-12C

Luckily, nobody was hurt because of the accident, but the bad news is that the McLaren MP4-12C is pretty much destroyed. Thank that carbon fiber MonoCell and numerous other safety features for protecting the driver after such an impact.

Hopefully the driver’s insurance plan covers track days. Just be thankful that it died doing what it loved and not in a crash on public streets driven carelessly by some rich idiot.

Update: According to a few comments from participants and attendees, the driver of the McLaren was driving recklessly while trying to battle with a Ferrari 458 Italia on the track. The driver denies these reports along with his friend, who was also attending the event.

wrecked MP4-12C

[Source: Reddit, Imgur]

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