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speedART Unveils the new SP81-CR based on the Porsche Cayman (981)

speedART SP81-CR Porsche Cayman

More style and power for the new mid-engined sports car.

Earlier this year, speedART previewed its upcoming tuning program for the new 981-genetarion Porsche Cayman. The mid-engined sports car may not have the same performance of the 911, but it has been stealing drivers from its rear-engined sibling for quite some time due to its superb driving dynamics. The new speedART SP81-CR pushes these impressive dynamics even further with a range of performance and styling upgrades for both the Cayman and Cayman S models.

The two flat-six engines that power the Cayman model range can both benefit from a few upgrades from the speedART team. The 2.7- and 3.4-liter engines gain a new sport exhaust system with more efficient catalytic converters, and manifolds along with an optional sound-switch function. After being paired up with the new ECU tune, the output of both engines rises by 35 horsepower and 22 lb-ft. (30 Nm) of torque. A variety of tailpipes is available for customers with the sound-switch and allow for drivers to choose their own level of sound.

The other area of performance that speedART focused on with the SP81-CR was the chassis where customers have a variety of options in terms of styling and handling. Three different suspensions are available ranging from the more athletic sport springs or adjustable suspension to the airlift system that offers the best option for daily driving. Porsche Cayman owners can also choose from a range of speedART LSC-Forged lightweight multi-piece forged wheels in either 20- or 21-inch diameters with custom-painted pieces to match or contrast the exterior color scheme.

speedART designed a new aerodynamic kit specifically for the Porsche Cayman models that incorporates the bi-color paint scheme found on other speedART Porsche models. The SP81-CR sports a new front chin spoiler to generate a bit more downforce and improve cooling, while a rear diffuser adds a sporty touch to the exterior. The final piece is a new rear spoiler that mounts on the stock rear spoiler and generates downforce for better high-speed stability.

speedART SP81-CR

Inside, customers will be in full control of designing the cabin of the SP81-CR and be given an array of leather, alcantara, stitching, trim, and component options installed by the in-house upholstery team.

The new speedART SP81-CR is designed for both the Porsche Cayman and Cayman S 981-generation models.

speedART SP81-CR Porsche Cayman Specifications

-Modified sport exhaust system with new manifolds, catalytic converters and tailpipes
-Optional sound-switch function
-ECU tune
-30 horsepower/30 Nm (22 lb-ft.) increase

Wheels and Suspension:
Wheels: 20- or 21-inch speedART LSC-Forged multi-piece wheels with custom finishes
Suspension: Sport springs, adjustable sports suspension, or airlift system

-Front spoiler lip
-Rear add-on spoiler
-Rear diffuser insert
-Bi-color paint scheme

-Custom alcantara, leather, and stitching
-Custom trim
-Custom components

speedART SP81-CR Porsche Cayman Gallery

[Source: speedART]

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