How a Test Drive Shattered Expectations – Literally

Test Drive Crash in China

“The cars are just flying off the lot!”

Lin Hu, of Liuzhou city in southern China, was in the market to purchase a new car, so he went to the local Volkswagen dealership. The modern dealership had a unique design that allowed them to store a few of their cars inside the dealership on the top floors.

Hu, was interested in one of the cars in the showroom located at the top of the dealership and was allowed to sit in the driver’s seat and even start up the engine. For some reason, the salesperson allowed Hu to put the car into gear – BIG MISTAKE.

Maybe Hu was scared of heights and acted irrationally; maybe he was just too overjoyed and excited at the Volkswagen that he was sitting in and wanted to buy. But, for some reason, he mistook the brake for the throttle and sent the car crashing through the large window in the dealership, almost driving completely out of the building. Luckily for himself and the salesperson, he was able to step on the brakes right before they tested out the car’s airbags on the concrete below.

Test Drive Crash in China

Both were able to escape out of the rear doors of the car while it was balancing on the edge of the window, unhurt. Police are investigating why the dealer allowed the car to be started indoors, and why Hu put the car into gear.

Just blame it on the car, it’s obviously unintended acceleration.

Unfortunately, Hu’s hopes of owning the car were…SHATTERED!

Test Drive Crash in China

[Source: Croatian Times]

Who’s to blame here: the driver for mistaking the brake or the dealer for allowing him to start the car? Leave a comment and let us know!


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