The BMW MZ8 Concept Takes a Look into the Future

A modern interpretation of the motorsports philosophy.

Just over 40 years ago, BMW Motorsport GmbH (now BMW M GmbH) was founded with 35 employees as a subsidiary of BMW, with their first racing project being the BMW 3.0 CSL. Since then, the subsidiary has grown and plays a large part in the BMW model portfolio. To celebrate the 40 years of the division, Designer Christophe Jourd’hui, along with Benjamin Baron (digital design) created a special MZ8 design concept car that honors models like the BMW Z8 and 8-Series.


The new MZ8 Design Concept may not have any direct affiliation with BMW, but it does provide an interesting take on a possible direction the automaker’s designs can go. The designers both went through ideation, sketches, 3-D renderings, and renderings before it became a reality.

The design of the BMW MZ8 was focused on inspiring and creating emotion for not just the driver, but those perceiving the automobile. The orange color, twist-design of the wheels, headlights, and open-top shape all played an important role in conveying the emotional and dynamic presence of the sports car. The car is centered on sport, yet also provides a sense of pleasure while behind the wheel. The iconic kidney-bean grille also features a new shape that angles forward and creates an image of depth with the sharp-angles inside, and then sweeps back into the hood to create the impression of movement and speed.


The BMW MZ8 was designed to be powered by a rear/mid-mounted 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8, pumping out 600 bhp, but would likely part with that for a smaller, more efficient engine paired up with an electric motor as the automaker looks to blaze a trail towards efficiency.

Unfortunately, the BMW MZ8 Design Concept will likely never reach production, but it’s an interesting take on what the future of BMW might hold.


Design Credit:
Christophe Jourd’hui (design)
Benjamin Baron (digital design)

See more of Jourd’hui’s work on his website.

BMW MZ8 Design Concept Gallery


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