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The Manhart MHX5 700 BMW X5 M is all about Power

Manhart Performance MHX5 700

Tapping into potential.

The big, bad BMW X5 M is listed under the word “unnecessary” in the dictionary. It’s large, bulky, and yet somehow athletic for its size while packing an incredible amount of power. Thanks to Manhart Performance, it gets even more obscene and the engine has absurd levels of power after its transformation into the MHX5 700.

Manhart Performance MHX5 700

The twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 engine comes with a very stout 567 horsepower and 553 lb-ft. of torque in stock form. The Manhart MHX5 700 has an insane 700 horsepower at 6,500 RPM and 664 lb-ft. of torque at 5,700 RPM. That comes from a full in-house exhaust consisting of new downpipes, no catalytic converters, and stainless steel mufflers with adjustable valves ending in 100 mm tailpipes; along with a full software ECU tune. As part of the package, the top speed limiter was removed, allowing the Manhart MHX5 700 to hit 196 mph. If that’s too much for your taste, there’s a “small” 640 horsepower upgrade.

Manhart Performance MHX5 700

While the power upgrade is the main star of the show, the featured Manhart MHX5 700 project car features a variety of other upgrades. The factory wheel and tire setup was swapped out for a performance-oriented fitment with BBS SV wheels measuring 10.5 x 22 up front and 11.5 x 22 at the rear. The new wheels also wear 295/30 ZR22 and 335/25 ZR22 Vredestein Ultrac Vorti SUV high-performance tires for added grip. Completing the new fitment are H&R lowering springs that drop the ride height by 35 mm.

Manhart Performance MHX5 700

While the BMW X5 M is already decked out with advanced aerodynamics, Manhart opted to install only a Grey Matte wrap for a more custom-tailored look. Inside, the cockpit can benefit from a new AWRON display that shows different performance-oriented information to the driver.

Manhart Performance MHX5 700

The new Manhart Performance MHX5 700 is currently available as a complete package or individual accessories. The full MHX5 700 Power Package is priced at 7,500 Euros.

Manhart Performance MHX5 700 Specifications

Displacement: 4.4 liters
Number of Cylinders: V-8
Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 700 at 6,500 RPM
Maximum Torque: 664 lb-ft. / 900 Nm at 5,700 RPM
-Full exhaust without catalytic converters and valve controlled mufflers
-ECU software tune

Top Speed: 195.73 mph / 315 km/h

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: BBS SV
Front Wheels: 10.5 x 22
Rear Wheels: 11.5 x 22
Tires: Vredestein Ultrac Vorti
Front Tires: 295/30 ZR22
Rear Tires: 335/25 ZR22
Suspension: H&R springs; 35 mm lower

-Grey Matte wrap

-AWRON display

Manhart MHX5 700 Gallery

Source: Manhart Performance

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