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The Manhart Racing MH1 Biturbo is a 400+ HP Rocket

When “M” doesn’t stand for “miniature”.

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe essentially completed the “M” lineup of cars. BMW’s M Division had performance versions of the 3-, 5-, 6-, X5, X6, Z4, and other models, except one car was missing for quite some time, the 1-Series. Finally BMW wised up and built an M-version of their smallest cars. But the new M wasn’t enough for the folks at Manhart Racing.

The new Manhart MH1 Biturbo transforms the standard BMW 1 Series M Coupe from a sports car that competes with the Cayman R to one that plays with the big boy 911s. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six that churns out 340 horsepower stock gets a software upgrade and full exhaust system, complete with downpipes and stainless steel mufflers. With a retuned ECU and free-breathing exhaust, the MH1 Biturbo produces 415 horsepower and a powerful exhaust note.

The standard chassis setup on the 1 Series M is ditched for a better looking and better performing suspension and wheel upgrades. An in-house coilover suspension was developed and designed by Manhart Racing to create precise handling characteristics. The wheels were upgraded to new Manhart Concave One forged wheels in a staggered 9 x 20 front and 10.5 x 20 rear setup with 245 and 295 Continental ContiSport tires for greater grip.

The Manhart BMW also sports a few aerodynamic upgrades to help generate downforce because of the higher speeds the MH1 Biturbo is capable of reaching. A handmade carbon fiber front splitter with central bar sits up front and reduces lift at the front axle. The rear sports a carbon fiber diffuser with integrated exhaust outlets that creates a low pressure zone underneath the car, keeping it planted on the asphalt. New carbon fiber mirror covers give the MH1 Biturbo a distinct look over the stock model.

Inside Manhart has added new sports performance seats at the front with improved lateral support, and alcantara seats at the rear. All of the seating is highlighted by contrasting red stitching.

The Manhart Racing MH1 Biturbo is available as an entire car. Customers can also purchase individual accessories for the BMW 1 Series M Coupe to improve performance.

Manhart Racing MH1 Biturbo Specifications

Displacement: 3.0 liters
Number of Cylinders: Inline-six
Aspiration: Twin turbocharged
Maximum Horsepower: 415
-Performance improvement up to 415 horsepower: € 3,900 (5,300 USD)
-Complete exhaust system: € 3,799 (5,100 USD)
-Downpipes: € 799 (1,000 USD)
-Stainless steel mufflers: € 1,890 (2,500 USD)

Wheels, Tires, and Suspension:
Wheels: Concave One forged; € 7,499 (10,200 USD) w/tires
Front Wheels: 9 x 20
Rear Wheels: 10.5 x 20
Tires: Continental ContiSport
Suspension: Coilover € 2,850 (3,800 USD)

-Carbon fiber front splitter € 1,990 (2,700 USD)
-Carbon fiber rear diffuser € 1,820 (2,400 USD)
-Carbon fiber mirror covers

-Performance seats € 2,522 (3,400 USD)
-Decoration panel € 399 (500 USD)

Manhart Racing MH1 Biturbo Gallery

[Source: ManHart Racing Company]

Do you think the ManHart MH1 Biturbo can compete with sports cars like the Porsche 911? Leave a comment and let us know!


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