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The new Prior Design BMW E90/E92 Widebody Kit

Beefed up bodywork.

BMW has been known for its motorsports for a large portion of the company’s history. Much of the success in motorsport has translated to driver-oriented production cars. For some that want to take it a step further, Prior Design has introduced a new widebody kit for the BMW E90 and E92 non-M3 facelifted models.

The new E90/E92 widebody gives the BMW 3-Series a herculean stance reminiscent of the M3 GT2 racing cars in the American Le Mans Series. The entire BMW widebody kit is made from Dura-Flex, known for its flexibility, stability, and easy painting. Prior Design has also developed the kit to be easily mounted and installed, and accommodate PDC sensors and headlight cleaning systems.

At the front of the car, the Prior Design body kit equips the BMW E90 and E92 with a wider M3-style front bumper. The M3 theme continues with a new hood with “power bulge” and air vents to help cool the engine. The real magic happens along each side of the 3-Series. The front and rear fenders are extended and are connected by a pair of side skirts to improve airflow around the car. At the rear sits a wider bumper that incorporates the larger rear fender.

The entire Prior Design BMW E90 and E92 widebody kit comes complete with mounting material and TÜV parts certificate. Pricing for the entire package has not been released.

Prior Design BMW E90 & E92 Widebody Kit Specifications

– Prior-Design PD-MET front bumper fits all BMW models E92/E93 (PDC and SRA also possible)
– Prior-Design PD-MET pair of side skirts (Right / left) fits all models of BMW E92/E93
– Prior-Design PD-MET pair of front fenders (Right / left) fits all models of BMW E92/E93
– Prior-Design PD-MET rear bumper for BMW E92/E93 models (also PDC sheetingable)
– Prior-Design PD-MET wider rear side panel (right / left) Fits all models of BMW E92/E93
– Prior-PD-hood design for BMW E92/E93 models
– Mounting material
– Including TÜV parts certificate * for easy entry of the body panels § 19.3

Prior Design BMW E90 & E92 Widebody Kit Gallery

[Source: Prior Design]

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