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The new PRIOR Design Porsche 996 to 997 Conversion

Because 997 > 996, right?

The 996 generation for Porsche was considered a drastic change in the history of the 911. The most notable of change was the switch from air-cooled to water-cooled engines. The design was also different. Instead of the circular headlights, Porsche adopted a shape that resembled a cracked egg with the yolk pouring out, and the shape was more modern.

For those that have fickle tastes and seem to be stuck with the 996-gernation of the 911, PRIOR Design has unveiled a new conversion that transforms the car into a 997. The PRIOR Design Porsche conversion fits all 996 911 models except for the Turbo. The kit gives the 996 the look of a 997 but with a sportier, more aggressive appearance than the standard 997.

The PRIOR Design Porsche 996 PD3 conversion kit comprises of a new front bumper with LED lighting and larger air intakes, and new front fenders. A new front lip spoiler is also added to help generate downforce at the front axle. Each side boasts a set of new skirts to redirect air away from the wheels. The PRIOR Design Porsche PD3 package gives the rear a new look with a redesigned bumper with diffuser-like insert and air outlets.

PRIOR Design currently offers the Porsche 996 PD3 conversion kit as a complete package with TÜV parts certificate and mounting material. Pricing for the entire PD3 conversion kit has not been released.

PRIOR Design Porsche PD3 996 Conversion Specifications

-PD3 front bumper – fits all 996 models converted into 997 with PD3 conversion kit(front fenders PD3 + front bumper PD3)
-PD3 front fenders (fits all 911 996 models only in combination with PD3 front bumper)
-PD1 side skirts (2X) (fits all 911 996 models except Turbo)
-PD1 rear bumper (fits all 911 996 models except Turbo)
-PD1 front lip-spoiler (fits all 911 996 models in combination with PD1 front bumper)
-Mounting material
-TÜV parts certificate included.

PRIOR Design Porsche PD3 996 Conversion Gallery

[Source: PRIOR Design]

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