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The Signal is Green for this BMW F80 M3 Individual

Signal Green Powerbeast BMW M3

Custom-tailored Powerbeast.

The BMW individual Program gives customers the ability to create a unique vehicle from the brand’s wide array of special colors and parts. For BMW owner and enthusiast, Felix, it was just the start for his Powerbeast Signal Green F80 BMW M3. Thanks to Alekshop and IND, the sports sedan was transformed into quite the detailed driver’s car.

Signal Green Powerbeast BMW M3

The Signal Green BMW M3 already has a bold look thanks to its factory-custom paint, but the Powerbeast was taken to a new level of style thanks to carbon fiber. The front fascia appears lower, wider, and meaner thanks to the carbon fiber 3DDesign spoiler that flows nicely into the new 3DDesign side skirts. A new 3DDessign truck spoiler adds a touch of downforce while a Varis upper and lower diffuser combo helps to properly channel air beneath the body and keep the M3 stuck to the pavement.

Signal Green Powerbeast BMW M3

Also adding to the aggressive visual appeal of the Powerbeast BMW M3 is a new HRE wheel fitment. The new stance starts with a KW Clubsport suspension with adjustable height and damping to give the driver greater control for a given track or road. New 19-inch HRE R101 wheels were installed at both axles with a click Brushed Tinted Clear finish to perfectly complement the athleticism of the sports car.

The turbocharged inline-six wasn’t completely overhauled, but it wasn’t neglected. After all, it’s the Powerbeast! A new ESS Tuning ECO tune was installed along with an Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system complete with Akrapovic downpipes to reduce backpressure, increasing power past the factory 425 horsepower mark.

Signal Green Powerbeast BMW M3

The transformation of the Powerbeast BMW M3 continued with the interior where Signal Green was used once again. Felix chose the M3 over the M4 due to his preference for the look of the sports car, but decided that the rear seats were unnecessary. So, the rear seats were completely removed and the space was covered with custom panels wearing OEM BMW GTS Alcantara along with the headliner, pillars, and visors. A new roll cage was fabricated by Fall Line Motorsports and painted Signal Green by IND prior to installation. Up front sit two Sabelt SPS seats featuring custom green stitching for a lighter, more supportive feel. Finishing it off is a new 3DDesign shift knob, handbrake, and pedal set with a BMW Performance steering wheel.

Signal Green Powerbeast BMW M3

Although it comes with a BMW Individual Program paint, the Powerbeast F80 BMW M3 is certainly in a league of its own.

Signal Green Powerbeast BMW M3 Specifications

-Akrapovic Evolution exhaust
-Akrapovic Downpipes
-ESS Tuning ECU software tune

Wheels and Suspension:

-HRE R101 wheels with Brushed Tinted Clear
-KW Clubsport Suspension

-Varis upper diffuser
-Varis lower diffuser
-3DDesign carbon fiber front lip
-3DDesign carbon fiber side skirts
-3DDesign carbon fiber trunk spoiler

-3DDesign shift knob
-3DDesign handbrake knob
-3DDesign pedal set
-BMW Performance steering wheel with custom green center mark
-Fall Line Motorsport custom made roll cage, finished in Signal Green
-GTS rear seat delete with OEM BMW GTS Alcantara
-GTS Alcantara for headliner, pillars, rear closeout & visors
-Sabelt SPS Seats (custom green stitching)

Signal Green Powerbeast BMW M3 Gallery

Source: Baan Velgen

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