Unwrapping a Lamborghini Reventon in Pictures

Undressing an Italian icon.

The Lamborghini Reventon was one of the most anticipated and strictly-limited models from the Italian automaker in recent memory. Only 20 coupe models and less than 20 of its counterpart, the Reventon Roadster, were produced, which makes unwrapping one for delivery ever so special. The price of a Lamborghini Reventon is also extraordinary, as each coupe model sold for over $1.5 million.

A one-of-a-kind matte grey Lamborghini Reventón with tan alcantara was delivered to a customer and unwrapped with the utmost care. The Lamborghini Reventon pictures don’t do it justice as the mid-engined V-12 super car is a masterpiece of Italian engineering and technology. Nowhere else is this exemplified more than with the aircraft-style gauges that display information with fighter-jet technology.

Lamborghini Reventon Delivery Pictures


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