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Vorsteiner shows off another Aventador Zaragoza Edizione

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador Zaragoza Edizione

And we just can’t stop looking.

There’s no questioning the sheer presence and power that the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 exudes in factory form. It’s a perfect example of Italian exoticness and just commands attention. But, the team at Vorsteiner has made it even better thanks to their Zaragoza Edizione upgrade package, and transformed it into a sharp-edged stunner.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador Zaragoza Edizione

The Vorsteiner Aventador Zaragoza Edizione upgrade program is made from Autoclaved 2×2 Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber with a UV-inhibiting clear lacquer coating to prevent damage. The lightweight material was designed to match the sharp-angled lines of the factory design, and improve overall aerodynamics by optimizing cooling and generating downforce.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador Zaragoza Edizione

This dark and sinister Lamborghini Aventador wears the full Vorsteiner Zaragoza Edizione aero kit from front to back. The angular nose sports a new front splitter that extends outwards and includes surrounds for the front air intakes to channel more air directly into the ducts.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador Zaragoza Edizione

Running towards the rear are new Zaragoza side skirts that create a lower ride height visually while also helping to channel air away from the rear wheels, thus reducing overall drag.

At the rear, a new Vorsteiner Zaragoza Gooseneck wing sits above the commanding diffuser with integrated exhaust outlet. The former sits atop the factory spoiler, creating a rather insane double-spoiler when deployed. The spoiler does feature a different Gooseneck-style setup that sees the supports attach to the top rather that the bottom. Below, the new Zaragoza diffuser equips the super car with aerodynamic fins to channel air as it leaves the underbody.

Vorsteiner Lamborghini Aventador Zaragoza Edizione

And while those forceful aerodynamics transform the Aventador into a real head-turner, the new Vorsteiner VSE 003 forged wheels make it the complete package. Here, the Gloss Black lightweight alloys with their distinct Y-shaped spokes in a concave depth were installed in a staggered 20-inch front and 21-inch rear diameter with high-performance Pirelli tires.

In the game of high-priced exotics, this Lamborghini Aventador with full Vorsteiner Zaragoza Edizione upgrades and forged wheels is the star athlete.

Vorsteiner Aventador Zaragoza Edizione Specifications

-Zaragoza Front Spoiler
-Zaragoza Side Skirts
-Zaragoza Rear Diffuser
-Zaragoza Gooseneck Wing

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: Vorsteiner VSE 003
Wheel Finish: Gloss black
Front Wheels: 20 inches
Rear Wheels: 21 inches

Vorsteiner Aventador Zaragoza Edizione Gallery

Source: Vorsteiner

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