Watch a Vintage Bugatti Crash and Go Straight to the Bar


The Prescott Speed Hill Climb in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire is like most classic and historic rally events where old and vintage race cars and sports cars speed around an area of closed roads, showing off their old-school mechanical beauty. Oftentimes there are rare automobiles, such as the 1924 Bugatti T13 like the one that was driven here.

As with all types of driving – especially racing/rallying – there is always the chance of an accident. Unfortunately, that same 1924 Bugatti T13 we spoke of earlier was the one that suffered that fate at the Prescott Speed Hill Climb.

As the driver was coming around a corner, the brakes failed, causing driver, Edmund Burges, to hit the wall and roll the car – an extremely dangerous situation for the vintage, open-top racer. Luckily, his head missed the barrier and he was later cleared by paramedics. He hopes to be back racing the same Bugatti in eight weeks after repairs are made.

So what did he do after the crash? He went to the bar for a beer!

[Source: Barcroft TV YouTube Channel]

What would you do after getting into an accident with your vintage Bugatti like this?


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