Watch How Fast This Speedometer Moves on a 1,900 WHP Lamborghini Gallardo

1900 WHP Lamborghini Gallardo Acceleration

This is utter insanity.

So you think your car is fast? Well, this 1,900 WHP Duhawks Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo is faster (unless of course you have a top fuel dragster that can rip off 200 mph, instantly).

The Gallardo was equipped with a 1,900 WHP “Kill Mode” twin-turbocharger upgrade package that is just out-of-this-world insane.

To show just how fast it is, it was stupidly taken out to a highway at night and shot out of a cannon from 70 to 180 mph. It’s so fast that the speedometer moves even faster than a tachometer of a normal vehicle accelerating hard in first gear.

Now, while this acceleration is just mind-blowing, we have to say that it is incredibly irresponsible to drive like this at night on a public road that other cars are driving on. Take it to a closed track.


Source: ThatRacingChannel

Is this the fastest Lamborghini Gallardo you’ve ever seen?


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