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Watch these Russians Blow up a Lada with some Guns!

Garage54 and Gun Gun Style Shooting Lada

Don’t try this at home.

The team at Garage54 is used to doing some pretty batshit crazy things with cars, but they decided to kick things up a notch for their latest video starring a beat up Lada and the host of the ‘Gun Gun Style’ YouTube channel.

Armed with some serious pistols and a rifle, they decided to test some myths seen in movies and have some fun in the process. Of course, they got all the required permits and even brought in the fire brigade just in case something happened. Remember, kids, don’t try this at home – these are professional Russians.

Garage54 and Gun Gun Style Shooting Lada

The first test involved shooting through the rear windshield with two different pistols and calibers of rounds. Some went through and hit the front windshield, while others hit the headrests.

Next up was the windshield, where the pistols were used again to try and penetrate the double-layered glass. Both surprisingly did not go through. Afterwards, they tried both with the side windows with varying results as well.

The duo attempted to test a Hollywood myth that sees people use doors as protection. So, they took the rifle, opened both doors, and placed the dummy torso behind both. The bullets easily went through both doors and killed the dummy every time.

Garage54 and Gun Gun Style Shooting Lada

The mighty Lada did not go down easily, however. It took a few shots to kill the engine thanks to a bullet cutting the fuel line. Had that not happened, that little four-cylinder would’ve kept on truckin’.

The final test was to see if they could light the fuel tank on fire by shooting it with the rife from afar. After dumping a full clip into the tank, they were unable to light the fuel. So, they took a flare gun and shot the car to ignite the fuel tank and have themselves a nice little bonfire.

Don’t do this at home, kids!

Source: Garage54
Shooter: Gun Gun Style YouTube

Would you like to shoot a car and set it ablaze with some guns?


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