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Watch this Scary Porsche 964 911 RSR Crash


Flying through the air.

Rally races, especially ones that involve historic and classic cars, are incredibly fun and exciting to watch. However, just like all motorsports, it is still very dangerous as you can see in this scary crash during the Hellendoorn Rally.

Driver, Harry Kleinjan and his co-pilot Bart den Hartog were taking their 964 Porsche 911 RSR through the course when they came to a right-hand bend and suffered a huge crash. The brakes appeared to lock up and the car went straight into the concrete barrier, sending the 911 through the air and right into the water beside the course.

Luckily, both Kleinjan and Hartog did not suffer any injuries from the scary accident.



Source: ScoobyWRXmy03, postmarandy, and Sven Slaghekke YouTube Channels

How scary was this Porsche 911 crash?


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