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Watch this Stock 911 Tame Ocotillo Wells – Video


Another type of hillclimb for a 911.

Ah, the Porsche 911. It’s one of the most iconic sports cars ever made and has cemented its mark on asphalt around the world. It’s generally accepted that the 911 is meant for the road, not the sand, dirt, gravel, and harsh terrain in off road situations – or is it?

One driver of an old, stock 911 believes otherwise and gave everybody the finger (literally and figuratively as it’s painted on the car’s roof) as he took on Ocotillo Wells State Park in California, hooning the car through the dirt and sand. The 911 proved to be quite capable of climbing the many hills and steep inclines that most modern cars would struggle with.

It just goes to show you how good some old sports cars were.

[Source: Torx82 YouTube Channel]

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