Watch two BMW DTM Champions Swap Seats in the M3

23 years of change.

In 1989, BMW won a DTM Championship with Roberto Ravaglia behind the wheel of an E30 M3 DTM touring car. Twenty-three years later, Bruno Spengler won the DTM Championship in a new M3 DTM. To celebrate, BMW brought both drivers and their cars to Hockenheim for a special competition.

To show how much the cars have changed throughout the span of 23 years, they had Spengler and Ravaglia switch cars and race. Due to the technology advantage, Spengler and the E30 M3 were given a 23-second head start before Ravaglia was told to start.

As you would expect, it wasn’t long before the modern M3 DTM was able to catch up and overtake the E30 M3 DTM.

[Source: BMW]

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