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Jaxin Hall Kid on Lamborghini Gallardo

Putting a child on someone’s Lamborghini.

Jaxin Hall, the former bassist for Of Mice and Men recently posted a photo to Instagram of his child standing on the hood of someone’s Lamborghini Gallardo with the description “I thought maybe it would be bouncy like a trampoline for her but it wasn’t. #dadmode5000”

He later went on to respond to a comment that the Lamborghini wasn’t his either, which begs the question, “WHAT THE F*^% ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!”

Seriously, what in the hell would make you put your child on someone else’s Lamborghini Gallardo and take a picture of it?

The post has since been deleted.

Source: Reddit, jaxinhall Instagram

How wrong it is to put your child on the hood of someone else’s Lamborghini Gallardo?


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