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WheelsandMore Builds a C1 1961 Chevrolet Corvette

WheelsandMore 1961 C1 Chevy Corvette

An American gets Frankensteined.

It may seem a bit odd to us Americans, but Europeans love their muscle cars, especially classic American sports cars since there is so few rolling around across the pond. The team at WheelsandMore normally works their magic upgrading European exotics and luxury cars but they decided to switch things up with a C1 1961 Chevrolet Corvette that’s currently available for purchase.

This C1 Corvette is sort of a Frankenstein resto-mod that was built using an array of General Motors parts by a German aftermarket tuning company. The end result is a unique, award-winning show car.

The fully-restored, original C1 Corvette body was completely repainted with a two-tone Peugeot Grey (Gris Aster) and GMC Red Effect covered with a four-layer clear lacquer. New rear fenders extend outwards by approximately 10 cm to show off its power and muscle, while a black fabric convertible hood provides some weather protection if needed. Staring ahead are two BMW E36 Angel Eyes headlights that fit perfectly inside the four round housings.

WheelsandMore 1961 C1 Chevy Corvette

Beneath the smooth, painted body is where the Frankenstein transformation begins. The C1 Corvette was given the front axle from a 1987 C4 Corvette and the rear axle from a 1986 C4 Corvette, with the original chassis modified to accommodate. The factory brake system was replaced by 993 Porsche 911 Turbo Brembo calipers with 993 Turbo perforated discs, while the rear axle wears 996 four-piston Brembo calipers with perforated discs. Sitting in front of those massive brakes are Breyton wheels measuring 8.5 x 20 up front and 9.5 x 20 at the rear with 235/30 R20 and 285/30 ZR20 Dunlop Sportmaxx tires for better grip.

To power the 1961 C1 Corvette, WheelsandMore went to the GM parts bin and brought out a 2005-model-year LS1 V-8 and strapped it to a 2005 Camaro 4LE60 automatic transmission with an aluminum drive shaft. The engine churns out 380 horsepower and 406 lb-ft. of torque thanks to a 3.0-inch stainless steel exhaust system with Magnaflow muffler and a K&N air intake kit.

WheelsandMore 1961 C1 Chevy Corvette

Inside, the drop-top Corvette was designed to match the exterior styling and color scheme. Everything from the floors to the door panels were restored and new components were added for a bit more comfort and convenience. A billet steering wheel with leather half-shell, custom-tailored instruments, and pedals add to the overall driving experience while a Sony MEX1-HD hard drive radio brings the classic into the 21st century.

The 1961 C1 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible by WheelsandMore has been making the rounds at European car shows and taking home the hardware. The entire vehicle is currently for sale and customers can find out more by contacting WheelsandMore.

WheelsandMore 1961 C1 Corvette Convertible Specifications

Chassis Frame:
-Blasted base original X-frame and chemically degreased
-Rear part reinforced and modified to accommodate rear axle Corvette C4
-Front part reinforced and modified to accommodate front axle and axle beam Corvette C4
-Welded additive struts for motor mount
-X-Frame renewed and modified to accommodate the 3″ exhaust system
-Swept, ground coated, graphite semi-gloss plastic coated

Corvette C4 rear axle (build year 1986):
-Aluminum axle parts polished and anodized red
-Poly bushes black
-All screws black chrome matted
-Blasted differential, new bearings and clear plastic coated
-Carbon fiber shafts

Corvette C4 front axle (build year 1987):
-Aluminum axle parts polished and anodized red
-Poly bushes black
-All screws black chrome matted

Brake System:
Front Axle:
-4-piston fixed calipers Porsche 993 Turbo / Brembo
-Perforated discs Porsche 993 Turbo
-Flexible stainless steel brake lines
-Other stainless steel brake lines with HOKE – fittings

Rear Axle:
-4-piston fixed calipers Porsche 996 / Brembo
-Perforated discs Porsche 996
-Flexible stainless steel brake lines
-Handbrake cylinder Corvette C4 (build year 1996)
-Brake Cylinder AP Racing
-Brake adjustment on balance beam
-AP Racing pedals

-Corvette LS1, engine size 5,7l new (build year 2005)
-ECM Corvette LS incl. electr. transmission control
-K&N air filter

-Camaro 4L60E new (build year 2005)
-Aluminum drive shaft
-Lokar Shifter with electric gear indicator
-Torque Converter B&M

Exhaust system:
-3 inches stainless steel
-Stainless steel muffler Magnaflow

Wheels / Tires:
-Front axle Breyton 8.5×20 with 235/30ZR20 Dunlop Sportmaxx
-Rear axle Breyton 9.5×20 with 285/30ZR20 Dunlop Sportmaxx

Fuel Tank:
-Stainless steel tank with internal fuel pump
-All fuel lines fixed at the frame and the body with HOKE – fittings
-Crossover lines flexible stainless steel with Earl’s fittings

-BECOOL-Aluminum radiator with stainless steel lines
-Mocal engine oil cooler with Earl’s fittings
-Mocal gearbox oil cooler with Earl’s fittings

-BMW E36 Angel Eyes

-Original C1 Corvette
-Completely repainted inside and out
-Inner fender newly manufactured to match C4 front axle and engine
-Underbody to accommodate the exhaust system, gearbox and rear axle completely changed
-New rear fender (about 10cm wider)
-Body (inside/outside) laminated completely new and optimized gap dimensions

-Cutted and diminished and adjusted to body shape
-Newly chromed

Interior Features:
-All parts covered with leather
-All interior parts new such as bars, handles etc.
-Electric windows
-Central locking
-Seats: frame and cushion new
-Steering column: Flaming River polished stainless steel
-Steering wheel: Billet with leather half-shell
-New carpet
-Dashboard fittings: Custom made by Classic-Instruments, adapted to vehicle color
-Head unit: Sony MEX1-HD hard drive radio
-Trunk: Covered with storage compartments in leather and carpet – custom made

Convertible Hood:
-Sonnenland – fabric black
-Leverage rechromed

-Two-tone metallic: Peugeot grey (gris aster) / GMC Red Effect
-4-layer clear lacquer

-All original attachments new or newly chromed / polished
-Screws, rubber seals etc. – all new

Extract Awards:
-Best of Show – Street Mag Show 2010 Grefrath
-1st place – Street Machine Street Mag Show 2010 Grefrath
-Jury´s Pick Street Mag Show Grefrath 2010
-Best of Show – 2nd place FAME Valkenburg (NL) 2010
-Best of Show – Dr. Mustang Oberhausen 2010
-Best of Show – US Car Show Grefrath 2011
-1st place – Custom US Car Show Grefrath 2011
-2nd place – Custom Street Mag Show Hamburg 2012
-Best of Show – Custom Street Mag Show Hannover 2012
-1st place – Custom Street Mag Show Hannover 2012
-2nd place – Custom US Car Show Dornbirn 2013
-2nd place – Custom US Car Show Grefrath 2013
-FAME Trophy – Fame Valkenburg (NL) 2013

WheelsandMore 1961 C1 Corvette Convertible Gallery

Source: WheelsandMore

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